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1939 Aunt Jemima store promotion
1939 Aunt Jemima store promotion

Our privacy policy and promise to you is simple:

We value and respect your privacy. That means we do not collect private information about you. The only identifiable information we receive is if you email us private information by using our contact form.

We do not track visitors across different websites. If we should ad advertising then that advertising may track and you will want to learn more about any advertisers privacy policy.

On some web pages we may participate in programs where renumeration is provided for recommending the best Aunt Jemima products. For example, Amazon and e*Bay, and perhaps others. If you click or tap on a product link and are taken to another Internet site, then the legal terms and privacy policy for that site will govern your time there. Even then, we do not receive any personal information about you.

We hope you enjoy our site as much as we have enjoyed putting it together!


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