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Nelson McCoy Pottery was an Ohio based company that made cookie jars and other ceramic pieces until 1990.

Important: Anything made after 1990 is a replica or company using the McCoy name, but is not the real McCoy. Any recent jars may be interesting to have, but their value is questionable.

The earliest McCoy pottery one can expect to find is from 1929 when the company began putting its name on its products.

Although the "McCoy" name dates back to before the Civil War, for decades the company never bothered to identify to identify itself on its pieces.

Even after adding a McCoy signature, the bottom of the jar reference can be hard to make out:

Due to the volume of ceramics the company produced, stretching across dozens of product lines, and decades of being in business, some have speculated that McCoy is the most widely collected ceramic pottery in America.

McCoy made two Mammy / Aunt Jemima cookie jars:

1. Mammy with Cauliflowers in 1939

2. Mammy / Aunt Jemima from 1944 to 1947. This cookie jar has two versions. The jar originally bore the inscription "Dem Cookies shor am good" which was replaced with a simple reference to "Cookies".

The Cauliflower jar, and original version of the Aunt Jemima jar both very rare and hard to find.

The "Cookies" Aunt Jemima jar was mass produced and bought by tens of thousands.

However, few jars remain in good condition.



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