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McCoy Cookie Jar Warning

Must have information to avoid buying a fake McCoy Pottery Aunt Jemima Cookie Jar.

McCoy Aunt Jemima Cookie Jars can sell for a lot of money. For that reason you need to distinguish between authentic, old, McCoy cookie jars and "new" knock-offs. A McCoy cookie jar means it was made by McCoy pottery.

There are no new McCoy Aunt Jemima cookie jars.

There are two types of old and valuable McCoy cookie jars:

The McCoy #17 called the Mammy is what is commonly referred to as the McCoy Aunt Jemima Cookie Jar. It was produced between 1944 and 1947 and has a white dress with green trim and a red cap. The jar was Originally made with lettering, "Dem Cookies shor am good". This is what it looks like:

mccoy cookie jar

The McCoy #8 called Mammy with Cauliflowers was issued in 1939. It is extremely rare and will probably not be sold for less than a thousand dollars, although of course quality can mean a lot. This hand decorated and white cookie jar looks like this:

mccoy cookie jar

Then there are the so-called 'new' McCoy cookie jars which are new, have the word 'cookies' on the front, and have this general shape:

mccoy cookie jar

There are an innumerable number of versions of this jar. They come in different color schemes. Some have cute drawings on the mammy's dress, such as chickens or shamrocks.

These new jars should not be confused with the older McCoy cookie jars.

Some people do not realize the difference between vintage and modern McCoy jars. For instance, we saw a listing for a 1995 McCoy Cookie jar and the seller had no idea it was a replica of an original jar made in the 1940s.

Please be sure you do not make this mistake if you want one of the original McCoys.

On the other hand, if you want an aunt jemima jar with fun colors and designs then you are probably looking for a replica or newer jar.


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