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The Catalog of Aunt Jemima Cookie Jars

Clay Art Baking Time Cookie Jar

clay art aunt jemima cookie jar

This cookie jar known as "Baking Time" has a blue dress with yellow trim, white apron and a white head wrap with red polka dots.

Created by Clay Art of San Francisco in the 1990s. The earliest date we have seen imprinted on the bottom of a jar is 1991. The most recent date is 2001.

The cookie jar measures approximately 10 inches tall by 10 inches wide. It is handpainted and microwave and dishwasher safe.

Here is the backside of the cookie jar.

Baking Time is sometimes sold as a three piece set where the cookie jar is joined with salt and pepper shakers. Here you can see their relative sizes. The salt and pepper shakes show Aunt Jemima / Mammy holding a baked pie and holding a rolling pin.

There is a Clay Art hallmark on the bottom of the jar.

Another version of the identifying imprint on the bottom. This one from 2001 refers to StoneLite clay being used.

Review: One of the few recently made, modern cookie jars that is not afraid to depict a black woman, and which has increased in value. A nice investment. The Clay Art business has continue to grow and was recently bought out, suggesting their earlier pieces like this, with small runs, will continue to appreciate.

Value and pricing: The Clay Art Baking Time cookie jar is typically see in the $50 - $125 range.

Clay Art, established in 1979 by two high school teachers in San Francisco, is known for their celebrity cookie jars, salt and pepper shakers and masks. Clay Art is famous for it's craftsmanship and outstanding art. Their work is wonderful and the colors used are bright and vivid.


F & F Mold and Die Works Cookie Jar

aunt jemima plastic cookie jar

Odd fact - one of the rarest and most expensive Aunt Jemima cookie jars is made of plastic instead of porcelain.

Created by F & F Mold and Die Works, sometimes referred to by sellers as F&F Plastic, this cookie jar measures a foot tall and seven inches wide.

F & F was based in Dayton, Ohio. The company made these Aunt Jemima cookie jars in the late 1940s.

The jar is bright red with a white apron and neck scarf. The figure is carrying a white plate or tray.

Here is the backside of the jar.

Imprinted on the bottom of the cookie jar is F. & F. Mold & Die Works, Dayton, Ohio. Made in U.S.A.

Originally, the jar came in a non-descript brown shipping box.

Inside was a coupon offer to buy a matching Nutmeg and Cinnamon Aunt Jemima containers, with a further option to get a cloves, allspice and ginger set. The paperwork reads:

Lovable! Laughable! Colorful!

You'll find these bright-colored plastic holders so easy to wash in hot water ... so sturdy they'll last a long time! Top fits tightly to keep spice's flavor 'locked in.' And just look how easy it is to fill your Aunt Jemima spice holders ...

Your friends or neighbors will be just as pleased as you are with this Aunt Jemima Spice Set. Why not get one for them? Just mail coupon below.

Additional Set Available for Cloves, Allspice and Ginger See Coupon Below

(See a larger image of the paperwork here)

Review: For collectors of Aunt Jemima and Black Americana products, this lightweight plastic cookie jar is unusual. It is the type of collectible someone could toss not realizing it is valuable. Secure it at least behind glass so it will not get damaged.

Value and pricing: F&F Mold & Die Works Aunt Jemima cookie jar is commonly seen (when it is seen) at around $200 - $400 in a best condition. Less if the condition is degraded or poor.


Vintage McCoy Pottery Aunt Jemima Cookie Jar

The Famous McCoy Aunt Jemima Cookie Jar:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar

The McCoy cookie jars are typically well loved and very hard to find in new condition.

The jar is about a foot tall. It was made between 1944 and 1947.

We have read but not confirmed that over 100,000 of these cookie jars were produced. Literally, these are the only widespread production of Aunt Jemima cookie jars ever made. However, because they were not originally collectors items, and because many were discarded after being considered derogatory, not that many remain. Even fewer are in good condition. Since early production techniques in the 1940s were not as polished as they are today, real McCoy cookie jars tend to suffer from paint chips. Newer knock-offs will not have this problem. Ironically, then, McCoy presents a situation where a nicer looking jar may not be as valuable as one with paint wear - because it is a newer reproduction instead of an original. More information here warning about McCoy replica jars. There is background information about the Nelson McCoy Company on this page.

In full glory the figure is wearing a white dress with a red cap. There is red sash trim. Outlined in black is the word "Cookies" at the base of the dress.

Collectible Lettering Variation

The picture above shows the word "Cookies" imprinted on the jar.

There is an earlier version of the McCoy cookie jar made with the text: "Dem Cookies shor am good".

The earlier version was replace with the cookies version to be less offensive. For collectors, it presents two variations to find.

Review: Every Aunt Jemima cookie jar collector is expected to have at least one McCoy in their collection. It's a basic staple. Don't get too hung-up on condition because virtually all the McCoy cookie jars are in good to poor condition. If you see a McCoy in pristine shape assume it is a reproduction, regardless of what anyone says about it. If the jar is in great shape and less than $100 it is a reproduction.

Mammy with Cauliflowers

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar

Another McCoy cookie jar, called Mammy with Cauliflowers, is very rare.

The jar was made in 1939. It depicts a Mammy / Aunt Jemima holding a bushel of green and yellow cauliflowers.

The initial picture seems to be off in color where the green appears blue - and the seller referred to the color being green. (We were recently reading an article that Captain Kirk's uniform in Star Trek was green, but often appeared yellow on screen due to the way colors work. Who knew?) Here is another picture of a McCoy Cauliflower in poorer condition, but better reflecting the original green color:

Here is the backside of the cookie jar.

Showing the "McCoy" imprint on the bottom of the jar.

Review: Any Cauliflower piece on the market is likely to not be on the market for long - regardless of its condition.

Value and pricing: $500 to $1000 in nice condition. That is a wide range, but McCoy Mammy Cauliflower cookie jars are hard to find. Even rarer is finding one in decent condition.


New and Reproduction McCoy Pottery Aunt Jemima Cookie Jars

Although McCoy pottery only acknowledges production of the above two vintage cookie jars, other McCoy collectibles abound due to reproduction releases being made decades after the real McCoys were made:

Here is a Jemima cookie jar with with a red mit and hat:

aunt jemima cookie jar red hat

Here is a picture of the inside of the jar with 'McCoy" imprinted at the bottom:

aunt jemima cookie jar red hat

This jar is 10 3/4" tall.

New, McCoy reproduction cookie jars. There are some beautiful cookie jars that are marked McCoy on the bottom. However, because they are modern reproductions the jars would not be considered to be vintage and authentically collectible McCoy cookie jars.

So if you collect Aunt Jemima, mammy or Black Americana these are still very nice additions to your collection.

This one is greed with a black checkered pattern dress:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar green

The jar is about 10-1/2 inches tall with the lid, 7-3/4 inches wide, 7-1/2 inches long, and 5 inches deep.

Here is one with a blue dress:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar blue

This yellow jar has a plaid apron and rooster detail:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar rooster

This white cookie jar has chickens on the dress:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar chicken

This one is flaming red:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar red

Here is a lucky cookie jar with a shamrock:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar shamrock

This jar has a red checkered apron:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar checkered

The base of these jars looks like this:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar bottom

Commemorative McCoy Aunt Jemima Cookie Jar

This Commemorative McCoy Limited Edition was created in 1991:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar commemorative

The aqua colored Commemorative McCoy measures 10 1/2 inches tall x 7 inches wide at the base.

On the inside it has this printing:

mccoy aunt jemima cookie jar commemorative


#147 of 250


Weller Watermelon Cookie Jar

weller aunt jemima cookie jar

Very rare. Made by Weller in the mid-1930s, this Black Americana jar features a mammy holding a watermelong.

She is dressed in a white and light blue striped dress with matching head wrap.

The jar is about eleven and one-quarter inches high.

The bottom of the jar may be imprinted "Weller Pottery Since 1872".

A look at the back of the jar.

Weller Pottery was based on Fultonham, Ohio. At one time in the early 1900s Weller was the largest pottery producer in the US. However, the company went out of business in 1948.

Review: No one today would dare produce any product featuring a black woman holding a watermelon. A bit surprising for some to see today, that also helps drive up the value. Except to have for its rarity, the jar itself is ugly, lacking detail, and not worth displaying.

Value and pricing: Expect to see $700 - $1000 for jars in good condition. These Wellers are rare and in high demand.


Washtub Cookie Jar

We are trying to identify the maker of this cookie jar.

Here is a behind view of the cookie jar. The bottom is nondescript.

The jar features a black woman in a white dress with a light blue skirt, trim, and head wrap washing clothes in a tub.

The cookie jar measures eleven and one-half inches high, six inches wide, and seven inches deep.

Review: We have no idea why the subject of washing clothes in a tub would make for a cookie jar.

Value and pricing: We saw this washtub cookie jar in excellent condition sell for $140. Otherwise, we have insufficient information to value this product. It is uncommon.


Sarsaparilla Cookie Jar

Here is a brownish red Aunt Jemima cookie jar with a big belly:

sarsaparilla aunt jemima cookie jar

This jar was made in 1980. It was created by SARSAPARILLA DECO DESIGN NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK. Who Produces Jars under the trademark {SARSAPARILLA}. Marked on the bottom of the jar will be "SARSAPARILLA DECO DESIGN N.Y.C. NY. JAPAN in Memories of Aunt Jemima or Mama."

The Sarsaparilla cookie jar is 9 3/4 inches tall and 6 inches wide.

This heavy cookie jar brown and red with white dots for decoration.

Value and pricing: We have insufficient information to properly value the Sarsaparilla Aunt Jemima cookie jar.


Aunt Jemima Teapot Cookie Jar

Here is a delightful Aunt Jemima cookie jar in a red dress, with white trim and a white apron, holding with a blue teapot:

aunt jemima cookie jar teapot

We are not sure who made this sweet and wonderful figure serving up a pot of goodies. Just tip her head off and find the cookies.

Measures about 13 inches high and about 7 inches wide on her skirt.

Here is the backside of the cookie jar.

Value and pricing: We have insufficient information to properly value the teapot holding Aunt Jemima cookie jar.


Wolfe Studios Aunt Jemima Cookie Jars

wolfe studios aunt jemima cookie jar

Here is a pretty in pink Aunt Jemima style cookie jar from Wolfe Studios:

Value and pricing: We have insufficient information to properly value the Wolfe Studios Aunt Jemima cookie jar.


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